How Airbnb Use Data To Grow

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Industry News, Tips & Advice

How Airbnb use data to grow

Airbnb are masters of using their data to influence every aspect of their business, from hiring their teams to creating their unique “Airbnb Experience”. This article from Kissmetrics offers a fascinating insight into how Aitbnb operate & will help you kick start your data process by offering tips on how to data to identify areas for growth in your business.

Data is the Voice of the Customer, Data Science is the Interpretation of that Voice

Riley Newman, former head of data science at Airbnb, explains that the company looks at data as the voice of the customer, and data science as the interpretation of that voice. What’s more, Airbnb data scientists are not sitting around, holed up in their cubicles poring over spreadsheets. Instead, they’re actively engaged and organized to partner directly with engineers, designers, product managers and others on various teams.”

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